Types of Fishing Lures

When it comes to fishing what you put at the end of your fishing rod will have an enormous impact on the what fish you will be catching. There are thousands of lures you can choose from, and one cannot ever pick the perfect lure and say this will be the right lure for all fishes. There are a lot of tactics and techniques which you need to learn and use for different types of fishes. You can also book the best lures and we will have them transported through Hunts International (experts in removals to France).

Lures are a lot different from baits. When it comes to lures, you can use it again and again to catch lots of fishes. There are lots of variations and styles for lures based on the type of fish you are going to catch. Some lures are small while others are made with attractive colours. Heavy lures are made to find fishes in places where the water currents are strong. The following are some of the types of fishing lures you can use to catch various kinds of fishes:


Spinnerbait lure has a spinner blade which spins once the lure is pulled into the water. The movement which is caused by the spinning blade attracts the fishes. The lure looks like a swimming fish, and they draw a lot of fishes. These lures are of different sizes, colours and even shapes and you can pick the one which is suitable for you.


Crankbaits have two hooks which are attached to the fount of the fish. Many people commonly choose these lures, and they come in various shapes and colours. There is a lip in the front, and one of the most significant advantages of using a crankbait is that you can attract the fishes in very less time.


Jigs are mainly used for freshwater fishing. The head part of the lure is made out of metal, and the tail of the lure is made out of animal hair, rubber, plastic and even feathers. People are often advised to fish with jigs as the heavy metal head of the lure allows you to place it at the bottom of the water and mimic it as a bottom-dwelling fish.


Spoons are one of the oldest types of lure, but it is still one of the most reliable options. Spoon lures have a long piece of metal with a hook attached to it. These spoon lures are made out of colorful patterns, and they are also reflective.


Buzzbait is a perfect lure to attract fishes which are hiding in the water. They are made in a way that they will churn the water. As the water is disturbed, the fishes will not be able to see the lure at the beginning, and they get tempted to come out from their cover.

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